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Air Fender

Rental service

We rent fenders of the following sizes and types. Please contact us for details.

Handling size(Diameter×Length) quantity Type Regular pressure
φ1.5m × 3.0mL 2pcs RIB type 50KPa
φ1.5m × 3.0mL 2pcs Sling type
φ3.3m × 4.5mL 6pcs Sling type
φ3.3m × 6.5mL 2pcs Tire net type
φ4.5m × 6.4mL pcs Sling type
φ4.5m × 6.4mL pcs Sling type 80KPa

Rental results for the Maritime Self-Defense Force

July 2018 Nagoya Port, Izumo
3.3×4.5 (Sling type)

June 2018 Moji Port, Hyuga
4.5×9.0 (Chain Net Type)

July 2019 Tsuruga Port, Kaga
4.5×6.4 (Sling type)

July 2019 Tottori Port, Suzutsuki
3.3×6.5 (Tire Chain Net Type)

July 2020 Sakata Port, Yudachi
3.3×4.5 (Sling type)

July 2020 Sakaide Port, Fuyuduki
3.3×4.5 (Sling type)

July 2021 Hosojima Port, Hyuga
4.5×6.4 (Sling type)

July 2021 Takamatsu Port, Akebono
3.3×4.5 (Sling type)

March 2022 Miyazaki Port, Jintsu
3.3×4.5 (Sling type)

July 2022 Niigata Port, Kirishima
3.3×4.5 (Sling type)