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Bench test


A bench test is a trial run of a ship's engine on land to simulate the rotational resistance of the propeller after it has been lifted ashore for maintenance.
Our bench system was conceived and designed to meet the needs of ship owners and ship maintenance shops.
We plan to support a wide variety of engines, including workboats, leisure boats, fishing boats, and special mission ships.


Water braking force meter
Manufacturing companyTAYLOR
Maximum input1,864 Kw (2,500Ps)
Maximum rotation speed4,000 min-1
Maximum torque10,904 Nm

Control panel
Manufacturing companyCaterpillar Kyushu
StylePower test operation instrument panel

Work place

With the start of our bench testing business in April 2021, we have opened a dedicated workplace on the premises of our fender storage base.
For more information, please contact us.
The Enoura office will be set up from June 2021.


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