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Repair business

List of achievements

PeriodShip nameShip type
2001SeptemberCosmoSurvey ship
2003SeptemberSuiseiSurvey ship
2004AugustTsumuraSurvey ship
2005SeptemberSuiseiSurvey ship
2006DecemberGanryuOil / garbage collection ship
2007JuneChinzeiRoute research vessel
2008JulyNajimaSurvey ship
2009JuneChinzeiRoute research vessel
2009SeptemberKaikiSurvey observation and cleaning boat
2010SeptemberKaikiSurvey observation and cleaning boat
2010NovemberCosmoSurvey ship
2011JulyNajimaSurvey ship
2013NovemberCosmoSurvey ship
2014JulyTachikazeHarbor business boat
2014NovemberCosmoSurvey ship
2015MayChinzeiRoute research vessel
2015JulyTachikazeHarbor business boat
2015OctoberCosmoSurvey ship
2016AprilPegasusHarbor business boat
2016JuneTachikazeHarbor business boat
2017JanuaryKaienSurvey ship
2017JunePegasusHarbor business boat
2017JulyTachikazeHarbor business boat
2017NovemberKaienSurvey ship 
2018MayPegasusHarbor business boat
2019JulyTachikazeHarbor business boat
2019NovemberKaienSurvey ship
2019MayPegasusHarbor business boat
2019JuneSuiseiHarbor business boat
2019JulyTachikazeHarbor business boat
2019SeptemberChinzeiRoute research vessel
2019NovemberKaienSurvey ship
2020AprilPegasusHarbor business boat
2020JuneSuiseiHarbor business boat
2020AugustTachikazeHarbor business boat
2020NovemberKaienSurvey ship
2021AprilPegasusHarbor business boat
2021AugustTachikazeHarbor business boat
2021NovemberKaienSurvey ship
2022AugustTachikazeHarbor business boat
2022NovemberKaienSurvey ship

Place:Kyusyu Regional Development Bureau Shimonoseki Technical Research Office Dock

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Catamaran engineering

Oil recovery and fire boat or tugboat "Hakuryu"
Basic plan for Navitec Co., Ltd. (1996)

Kyusyu Regional Development Bureau "Ganryu"
Maintenance remodeling (2007)

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Maintenance (2001)

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